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The skill trainers of the FOOTPRINTZ Elite Basketball Training program goal is to emphasize skill set development all the while breaking the game down to its finest details. Basically, “break the player down” in order to "build the player up”. To achieve our goal, our program is geared to providing skill development in all areas of the sport, in particular, shooting, offensive moves, passing, footwork, moving with out the ball, strength & conditioning, dribbling, post play, and proper basketball IQ development as well as providing basketball related confidence needed to be a successful player.

Our skill development instructors are very passionate about increasing a player’s strengthens while decreasing their weaknesses. Each instructors have played the game of basketball, coached the game, & trained players of ALL levels. In addition, each skills enhancer has their own unique style of conveying the FOOTPRINTZ standard curriculum which provides each player a different approach to achieve the same goal to improve a player’s skills and fundamentals.

We travel all around the country coordinating team skill development training sessions and clinics, and would love to share our passion, energy, knowledge, and innovative drills and skills with your team! To schedule an individual training session please fell free to contact us. 



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