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It is our belief that basketball is a game built around fundamentals. The fundamentals of passing, shooting, ball handling and defense, form the foundation in which abilities and “games” are developed. Would you ever consider building a house atop a shaky foundation? In basketball, learning and understanding the proper mechanics of the most basic skills will enable a player to improve at a faster and more efficient rate.


Our belief is simple. PLAYERS ARE MADE IN THE OFF SEASON. Throughout the basketball season, the majority of the practice time is devoted to the improvement of the team concepts and not on the improvement of each individual’s skills. Individual improvement comes from the extra time a player dedicates towards getting better.There are no magic tricks to improving your game. Becoming a good player is simple-learn and work to perfect the basics. Three things are required for this to happen:


  • The player must want to improve and learn;

  • Continuous practice of the fundamentals; (Repetition)

  • A great deal of emphasize must be placed on having FUN.


There are millions of people who simply play for the sake of playing. And there are others who consider themselves as basketball “players”.  At FOOTPRINTZ Elite Basketball Program, our sole mission is to transform those who play basketball into “basketball players”. 


Is to maximize players' strengths while minimizing their weaknesses, but ultimately to keep our athletes ahead of the competition.  As well as to provide a structured training environment geared to separating basketball players from those that simply play basketball


Through detailed, knowledgeable, dynamic teachings, demonstrations and innovative drills to become the country's premier elite basketball training company.


Not all training is created equal

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