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Footprintz Elite Basketball program is an unique development program whose ultimate goal is to develop the best basketball players in the world at all levels of the game.  


Our training sessions will use intense, innovative drills, along with detailed teaching points, to help players reach their potential. Our group player development training sessions, all of which are game relevant, will also develop highly skilled, confident, disciplined, and dynamic players who are an asset to any team regardless of the system or style of play. 



The main goal of the Footprintz Elite Basketball mentoring experience is to use sports as a vehicle to teach student/ athlete life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and discipline.


In addition, to increase character development and provide positive role models for our youth, through sports. Being that our staff have ALL graduated from college, played on many levels of professional basketball and are products of NYC - we offer each trainee over 80 years of basketball knowledge.



We offer the opportunity for the beginning player to learn the game of basketball in a fun, yet demanding environment that allows the player to develop a love and respect for the game of basketball, and gain personal confidence. We also offer the opportunity for the more advanced player to improve their current skills, learn new skills and take their game to the next level while enhancing their love and respect for the game and building their self-esteem.


Our high school basketball training focuses on skills training, agility and strength training, however we keenly aware that players are at different stage of development.  Remaining true to our mission, our goal is to push each trainee beyond his/her goal(s).  During each intense session our passion will be on display as we foster development which will create confidence.



Although players are older and advanced, our focus remains the same.  SKILL DEVELOPMENT is paramount.  Each training session is created with the individual trainee in mind, yet the ultimate goal is to strengthen a player’s weaknesses while enhancing their strengths. 

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