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Our legacy program serves as testimony to our "success" beyond basketball.  As a company who maintains a strong entrepreneur spirit nothing speaks louder than having former trainees "carry on" our entrepreneur legacy.  


As a result, we have decided to highlight several of our trainees and their companies as they are the "leaders" for the next generation .

Tamia McDonald

Laura Roman

Mike Louis

Instagram - @tamia_monae 
Instagram - @thewinenightpod
legacy - mcdonald.jpg

As a black women in America , I think the importance of entrepreneurship is the representation it brings and the way it can improve standards of living + creating wealth. Also most entrepreneurs are innovators and creators. The different entrepreneurs drives the world opening new niches & markets to keep developing in different ways and the reason it is important! 

Maya Dodson

Instagram - @macd_15
legacy - dodson.JPG

Entrepreneurship is about making your own lifestyle by bringing something innovative to the world around you. 

Mariah Steele

Instagram - @mzollas
legacy - steele.JPG

What entrepreneurship means to me is being able to be your own boss and create your own stream of income. It means having a plan and a vision and staying the course even if your journey has a lot of setbacks. 

Courtney Fleming

instagram - @djkilla_court
legacy - fleming.JPG
legacy - roman.jpg
legacy - louis.jpg

Being an entrepreneur means bringing out your creativity in hopes to bring something new like an experience to people, an opportunity for people to be their own bosses and make the most out of that opportunity to surprise themselves and others 

Entrepreneurship means financial freedom to me. As a young college educated Black man who is a part of a historically Black fraternity where I studied history- I have found that our ancestors from over 100 years ago were already preaching what we are posting about now: financial literacy, ownership, purchasing securities, learning a trade, the list goes on. That knowledge is a direct tribute to entrepreneurship

Emily Johnson

Instagram - @fit.roze
legacy - emily.jpg

Entrepreneurship allows me to express myself and find ways to monetize and profit off of what i love doing. in comparison to a typical corporate job, entrepreneurship allows me to have flexibility in terms of creating content that i think is beneficial to both me and my consumers.

Grace Stone

Instagram - @gracestone.10 / @princetonbsac
legacy - stone.jpg

Entrepreneurship is about having a vision of something that could be of value to society. Then figuring out the best way to market it and present it to society while making a living doing so.  I think it’s important to the world because it encourages creativity and gives society things it didn’t necessarily know it needed to make our lives better. 

Clay Brown

Instagram - @shotbykodaclay
legacy - clay.JPG

It’s important in today’s world because everyone wants to make an impact! Everybody wants a better life. Everyone is tired of the stereotypes and we all know how possible it is to start your own business. We now have the knowledge to do these things without having so much money to start and social media has created a platform that has made it easier and more accessible for people to grow as small business owners. It’s like if you’re not an entrepreneur then what are you doing?

Cheyenne Nettleton

Instagram - @cheywindu12
legacy - nettleton.JPG

Being the captain of your own ship

Chris Burkley

Instagram - @chris3urkley
legacy - buckley.JPG

Entrepreneurship means alot of things to people, but to me it means a peace of mind. Knowing that I’m not miserable working a 9-5 and I actually LOVE what I do. Doesn’t even feel like work.

Entrepreneurship allows an individual to get away from the so called “rat race” of life. 

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