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The mantra of Team FOOTPRINTZ Basketball Training Program is to maximize players’ strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

Team FOOTPRINTZ Basketball Training seeks to promote, foster and encourage interest in the sport of basketball as well as develop motivated and competitive student-athletes with positive attitudes through education and a constructive learning environment. Furthermore, build leaders, quality citizens and to improve the level of success of youth in the New York City area.

1. Through after school and weekend programming, to provide fundamental skill development and instruction for young student-athletes who have a desire to compete at a high level of basketball.  Our training program is designed to provide student-athletes the opportunity to learn the basic skills of basketball, while emphasizing and instilling the values of discipline, responsibility, hard work and team spirit while educating parents about the rigors of becoming “a player”.  In addition, through the Team FOOTPRINTZ training program(s) players will get the opportunity to “show off” their skills, locally, nationally and internationally. 

2. To offer individual / group basketball training programs for collegiate athletes and professional players.  In addition, through various opportunities provide today’s student- athletes with role models who have benefited from using basketball as a tool to attend college, but more importantly develop positive members of our society. It is our belief that behaviors are learned and despite Charles Barkley’s proclamation, “I am NOT a role model”, today’s basketball players (men and women) are in fact role models for today’s children whoare in turn tomorrow’s basketball players.Therefore, Team FOOTPRINTZ’ players provide student-athletes the “blueprintz’ needed for success.

It is our belief that basketball is a game built around fundamentals. The fundamentals of passing, shooting, ball handling and defense, form the foundation in which abilities and “games” are developed.  Would you ever consider building a house atop a shaky foundation?  In basketball, learning and understanding the proper mechanics of the most basic skills will enable a player to improve at a faster and more efficient rate.

Our belief is simple. PLAYERS ARE MADE IN THE OFF SEASON.  Throughout the basketball season, the majority of the practice time is devoted to the improvement of the team concepts and not on the improvement of each individual’s skills. Individual improvement comes from the extra time a player dedicates towards getting better.

There are no magic tricks to improving your game. Becoming a good player is simple-learn and work to perfect the basics. Three things are required for this to happen:

  1. The player must want to improve and learn;
  2. Continuous practice of the fundamentals; (Repetition)
  3. A great deal of emphasize must be placed on having FUN.

Team FOOTPRINTZ Basketball Training Program and its staff are passionate about developing basketball players, but more importantly developing positive members of our society.  One of our goals is to infuse our love for the game into each player we work with.  We want the players to learn to appreciate hard work and the successes that comes with it, to feel the confidence gained from the accomplishing something that was initially thought to be impossible and to learn that perfection will never be accomplished but should always be strived for. 

Being well aware, there are millions of people who simply play for the sake of playing.  And there are others who consider themselves as basketball “players”.  Our final mission is to transform those who play basketball into “basketball players”.  To accomplish our mission, our trainers have developed their own, unique style and method of teaching the game of basketball all the while striving to present an enthusiastic, nurturing environment while being positive role models that teach life skills such as persistence, hard work and commitment . 

Our basketball training incorporates not only skills "development", but also skills "execution" in a competitive environment.  The program is designed for players to perform and execute a high level of technique while demonstrating a thorough understanding of the game. We will break the game down to its finest details and begin to "build players" who are able to set goals, visualize goals, and attain goals.  The integration of all these components allows each player to realize his/her fullest potential. We attempt to produce highly skilled, disciplined, and dynamic players and individuals who are an asset to any team regardless of the system or style of play.

The ultimate goal at Team FOOTPRINTZ Basketball Training Program is to develop the best basketball players in the world at all levels of the game.  Having coached, trained and developed several international professionals, college and high school players at every level, our staff has devised a training program that focuses on the individual player and his/her total basketball and personal development.

What separates Team FOOTPRINTZ Training Program from almost every other training program is our staff has played and has been very successful on every level of basketball.  Furthermore, Team FOOTPRINTZ staff’s dedication of studying the game through attendance of NBA, International and NCAA  games and workouts (training sessions) has further enhanced our overall philosophies which players, coaches, and agents, alike can be assured that our development training is innovative and on the cutting edge. 

This 60-90 minute intense program provides student / athletes, collegiate athletes and professional players, alike, who are eager to reach the “next level”, an opportunity to receive personal instruction while increasing their basketball skills and knowledge.  There are 3 levels in the program, all with progressive skill challenges involving shooting, offensive moves, moving with out the ball, conditioning, dribbling, post play, defense, footwork, and proper basketball IQ development. Players must practice and ultimately complete these challenges before graduating to the next level.

The Level I PROGRAM (Ages 12-14)
focuses on advanced stationary ball handling skills, learning to dribble with the proper hand during the game, basic change of speed and direction dribble moves, advanced passing techniques, one foot lay-ups, triple threat position and footwork, step and slide defense, box out techniques, passing and catching techniques, jump stops and pivots, and basic defensive stance and an introduction to proper shooting form.

The Level II PROGRAM (Ages 15-16) is designed for players that have a firm grasp of the game and are ready for advanced basketball concepts. The curriculum will focus on stationary in place dribbling skills, advanced change of direction and combination dribble moves, entry passes, jab step and swing through moves, passing on the move, zig-zag defensive slides, and shooting on the move. 

The Level III PROGRAM (Ages 17 and up) is designed for serious players who are preparing to enter the highest level of basketball. The terminology will focus on strategic concepts such as curls, flares, defensive dig outs, dribbling skills with both hands, dribble moves to score on both sides of the court, post moves, rebounding, getting open on the wing, and wing denial. The curriculum will also prepare players in search of a NBA pre draft feel and / or major collegiate environment.  In addition, also touch upon conditioning and scoring at high game speeds. Advanced drill work in all aspects of the game including detailed offensive and defensive footwork as well as shooting consistency.



Corey Underwood
4"i have been lucky enough to be around a lot of people in the basketball world, but my association with Mark Williams has been great from the beginning...He, through his company Team FOOTPRINTZ, has helped me in many aspects of basketball , whether its advice and/or training, but also in the game of life.  I truly believe he has helped me physically (skill wise), but also helped be able to see how our training sessions are relevant to real game situations".”

Jarrid Frye
j“I have been playing in Europe for two years....My first workout with Mark was after my first season in Europe, at which point I became the  league’s scoring leader and lead my team into the playoffs.  I’ve been using his services since then. I found his training sessions very beneficial and relevant for taking my game to the next level for the upcoming season. Mark covers all the tools you’re going to need from conditioning, ball handling, defense, and shooting basically his workouts are complete.”

Rashad Bell of KT&G Kites
f"Mark Williams of Team FOOTPRINTZ' organized  workouts helped me prepare for the Korean Basketball League Draft in '09, and ultimately led to me being drafted to the KT&G Kites with the 14th pick. What makes Mark unique is that he has played basketball competitively for many years, so he knows what a player needs to work on to improve his personal game. I enjoyed working with Mark, I have seen a change in my game and I look forward to working with Team FOOTPRINTZ until I reach my ultimate dream of playing in the NBA..."

Shahee Martin
SUNY Farmingdale
k“After taking a year off from sports and school, I needed to get back on top of my game by any means! Training with Mark Williams of Team FOOTPRINTZ helped me not only get in the best shape that I can possibly be in, but it helped me enhance my game as well!”